Horizontal Smoke Tube Three Pass Solid Fuel Fired Steam Boiler

    Salient Features
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance Cost
  • Low spares inventory
  • Dry saturated steam
  • Easy maintenance
  • High quality concept hence reliability
  • Horizontal smoke tube type design
  • Efficiency 65 + 2% on NCV
  • Easy to clean – better efficiency for all operating hours
    Mounting Fitting
  • One pare of water level gauge glass cock
  • Two spring loaded safety valve
  • One main steam stop valve
  • Two blow down valve
  • One steam pressure gauge
    Control & Safety
  • One water level control for maintaining water level inside boiler
  • One temperature controller for high temp (Alarm & ID Fan Cut-off
  • One extra law water level control for ID Fan cut-off
  • One steam pressure switch for ID Fan cut-off
  • One set of safety valve for maintaining desired pressure
Steam Generator
Steam Generator manufactured from M.S. Plates & Boiler Tube Water holding capacity of this is less than 22.5 Litre as such it is exempted from Indian Boiler Act 1950 It is equipped with blow down valve. Water level indicator, steam outlet valve, hot water inlet with non-return valve, pressure gauge with Siphon and safety spring loaded pressure release valve.

Economizer is manufactured from M.S. Plates & Boiler Tubes. This has large water holding capacity. It is equipped with manhole with blow down hot water outlet, boiler feed water inlet and safety spring loaded pressure release valve.

Super Heater
Super heater is a shell and tube type heat exchanger in which waste heat of flue is utilized in refining condition of steam offering 0.9 dryness fraction of steam.

Front & Back Doors Boiler is provided with front and back hinged accessible doors to provide cleaning facilities of heating surface. The doors are lined with fire crete super insulating refractories to reduce its weight with lowest thermal conductivity to prevent continuous heat losses from doors. Back and front chambers are also filled with fire crete super insulation castable refractories to reduce heat losses. Edges of front and back doors are lined with asbestos taps and are held rigidly with holding clamps to ensure leakproof joints on flue side.

Details Unit SSF-03 SSF-04 SSF-06 SSF-08
Steam output from and at 100 deg.cent. Kg/hr 300 400 600 800
Steam maximum working pressure Kg/cm2 10 10 10 10
Steam Temperature oC 180 180 180 180
Approx. Fuel Consumption Kg/cm2 90 120 170 280
Based on Calorific Value of 2000 Kcal/Kg % 65 65 65 65
No. of passes Three Three Three Three Three
Boiler Control Semi Auto Semi Auto Semi Auto Semi Auto Semi Auto
Time required to arrive Min. 40 40 40 40
Working pressure Kg/cm2 7.5 to 10 7.5 to 10 7.5 to 10 7.5 to 10
Electric supply 3 phase 415 V + 5% 50 Hz
Connected Load HP 3 3 3 3
Overall Dimensions - - - - -
Length mm 2600 2700 2700 2800
Height mm 1600 1700 2100 2200
Width mm 1200 1200 1500 1600