Shivam Engineering Company is a leading company in India in manufacturing Incinerators of different models and capacities for different waste handling applications. It has established its product brand name “SHIVOTHERM”. Under this brand, they have Horizontal and Vertical Steam Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heater Horizontal and Vertical. Solid, LDO & Gas Fired.

SHIVOTHERM Incinerator Shivam Engineering manufacturers Incinerators with proven technology and has established in the international market its product quality and customers approval over their manufacturing quality. There are two ranges of Incinerator produced by Shivam i.e. B.P & P.D.

B.P. range is used in

Paint, Chemical, Sludge, Solvents &
Resins etc.
Oil-soaked rags, Grease and spent oil
Effluent Treatment Plants.
Hospitals/Nursing Homes.
Municipal Corporations.
Waste Disposal Centers.
Biological/Pharmaceutical Resarch Labs.

Technical Specifications of B.P. range

Weight No Burnings Rate kg/hr Door Aperture (m.m.) Weight kg.
B.P.- 5 10 225 x 300 1000
B.P.-15 15-20 250 x 350 1300
B.P.-25 30-40 350 x 450 1600
B.P.-35 100-120 550 x 700 6000
B.P.-50 140-160 550 x700 6500
B.P.-75 180-200 550 x 700 8000
B.P.-150 380-400 700 x 900 32000
P.D. range is used in

Nursing Home
Veterinary Institutions
R & D Center
Industrial Labs
Bilological & Pharmaceutical Labs
Municipal Corporations for disposal of
civil waste.
Canteen, Hotels, Wedding Halls etc for
vegetable & food waste.

Technical Specifications of P.D. range

Model No. Burnings Rate kg/hr Door Aperture (m.m.) Weight kg.
P.D-3 20 500 x 350 800
P.D-6 40 600 x 350 1600
P.D-9 55 600 x 350 3300
P.D-12 70 600 x 400 5000
P.D-18* 100 600 x 400 7500
P.D-25* 150 800 x 500 9000
P.D-35* 200 800 x 500 10500
Material of Construction
The incinerator is constructed of welded rectangular frame, lined through out with high alumina, cast-able refractory having a high cold crushing strength and reinforced with stainless steel needles, in modular black form. It is further heavily insulated on the cold fact with high heat-resistant insulating material.

Water Quench
In handling wattage of complex configurations, it is essential to scrub the particulate and gases so that the final emission from the chimney is well with in the norms. The Flue Gases from the incinerator have to be cooled from about 800oC to 80oC.

Wet Venturi Scrubber
Air Scrubbers perform a critical function in purifying noxious gaseous emission prior to the release to the atmosphere. Our concentration in selecting Scrubbers is meticulous.
Mist Eliminator/Packed Bed Tower
The scrubbed gases from the wet venturi scrubber pass onto either a mist eliminator or a combination of mist eliminator-cum-packed bed tower. The mist eliminator /packed bed tower is offered in mild steel or stainless steel construction.

Automatic/Semi-automatic boarding and conveying system
With the help of trolley or pneumatic loader, through suitable chute/hopper, conveyors may be with rubber or steel rollers, using belt or screw conveyor.

Flue Gas Recovery
We can offer different flue gas recovery systems, depending on the waste chemistry, its moisture content, quantum and continuous use of incinerator a day.

Norms Followed
As per the notification of the ministry of environmental and forest dated 20th July 1998. As for the standards to be followed, our product meets all statutory norms/rules.

International Standards
We manufacture Incinerators as per European Design conforming to EURO and US EPA norms.
The technology used by Shivam for manufacturing Incinerators gives pollution free process. All wastes are burnt under a high degree of heat pressure and therefore release germ free fumes.


Temperature Dilutor
Atmospheric air dilutes hight temperature gases from secondary chambe throught Forced draft Fan provided in the system.

Cyclon Seperator
In these finer particles of carbons are removed and reduce chances of choking of scrubber.

In this gases are scrubbed to absorb SO2 through Alkaline liquid, which reduces corrosion of chimney.

Induced Draft Fan With Water Seal
This fan maintains negative pressure in the system and makes operation safe.